Organization Korijen

Organization Korijen is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2014 in Zagreb. The association was founded in order to raise the quality of life for individuals and the community, through a change of consciousness through different methods and techniques, primarily through understanding Innate health or the Three Principles, and through the promotion, development and improvement of the natural way of eating.

Our mission.

To help individuals get rid of stress and experience inner peace, Organization Korijen offers different techniques and exercises programs based on Innate health or Three principles for dissolution of mental patterns, stress relief, relief inner creative potential, the state of inner peace and harmony with nature. Introducing the treatments, techniques and exercises to balance mind and body.

Organization Korijen promotes the understanding and education of Innate health for individuals and the community through lectures, seminars, workshops, courses, conferences, books, movies, web content and other digital media, various projects and participation in various conferences.

The Organization is also engaged in education about healthy diet: food preparation according to macrobiotic principles, organic farming and vegetarian diet.

Organization activity

Workshops based on Innate health

We organize workshops through which we transfer techniques and exercises to help the participants achieve inner peace, happiness and a feeling of complete freedom.

Seminars and courses in nature

We organize seminars and courses in beautiful natural surroundings.

Individual consultations

We hold individual consultations with people who have problems with stress, anxiety, inner restlessness, eating problems.