What is Innate Health?

It's the most beautiful gift you can ever get.

Innate Health is not just another technique, it's not a technique or a method, it's something completely different. It's an infinitely simple, but profound understanding of the fact that each one of us creates 100% of his experience of reality moment to moment, that our feelings never come from our circumstances or from our personal character, but they always come from our thinking at the moment.

Understanding is something that emerges through insights from within you and it is the foundation for living life effortlessly, aligned with the natural flow. It's the state of harmony and accepting every moment as it is.

We live in that state, but it is also easily shared. Just by simple conversation we share this understanding with our clients and see deep transformations in their lives happening every day.

When you begin to understand, it all comes from within.


Modern civilization is obsessed with a need for security, and all the time it's seeking at a wrong place. Real security doesn't come from outside of you. It's a deep inner feeling that inside, you're always ok and that something far more intelligent than your personal mind is watching over you. As a child of a loving parent, you are being taken care of, even when you don't see you are.


Through insightful understanding a deep feeling of inner peace emerges in your life. You begin to realize that you are an inherent part of intelligent life and that what you really are can not be hurt or diminished. More and more you see the perfection of life, the sense in your and others' life stories, you see that everything is exactly as it should be and that the only thing that claims the opposite are your personal thoughts.


A natural joy - the sweetness of life wakes up. Nothing seems so serious and important any more. You laugh more, feel more passion about things and life in general, act more naturally and your spirit, your creativity, that which is original and unique for you begins to shine from within.


When you have less on your mind, you align with the natural flow of life more easily. You don't have to plan or think your way through life, you just let things happen. And, contrary to your personal mind's beliefs, everything works perfectly, everything gets done. Things that you need in the moment come to you out of nowhere, from where you least expect them.


All of this gives you a huge feeling of freedom. You do exactly what you want when you want it. You feel more and more free in every way. Mental-emotional patterns begin to fall of by themselves, without you having to do anything. Fear dissolves and self-confidence takes it's place.


When your understanding deepens, a feeling of unconditioned love towards everything - yourself, others and life in general wakes up in you. Walls and barriers disappear and get replaced by closeness, connection and understanding.

Activities and Events


Just by being in the deep state of inner peace and connection to the deeper intelligence, I allow words to come and in that way share this profound understanding with the group. It's a simple and relaxed conversation about how life works or about any aspect of life during which insights and occur and the deep feeling of peace and perfection of the moment emerges.


Skype or phone talks. This is a more personalized approach and often has great results. You will probably feel better, less lost, more peaceful, relaxed and closer to yourself already after the first session.

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They experience innate health!

Working with Sasa since 9/2014 has truly been a blessing and I have gained lots of perspectives on myself and on life in general. The coaching has enabled me to reach another level of maturity and personal responsibility to make the best of my life and devote my focused energy to reach my full potential. Additionally, it has allowed me to distinguish between the aspects of life that I can influence and those that are outside of my control and look at things from a global view.Saba Mosazghi
My life has changed completely because of the Innate Health. Stress and anxiety disorders are completely gone. Before I had constant headaches and I was in a bad mood. Only now I feel inner peace and happiness. A deeper understanding of the present moment is totally eliminating my mental patterns that have hindered me for years.Denis Kunst